9th September 1958 0

9th September was a big day
In 1958
There she was
Renee, her right
on her big day.
There stood Keith,
But excited
Craning to see
If his bride to be
had arrived.
Music, vicar, I do’s, kisses
More music,
Laughter, expectation
Sherry, lemonade, beer, wine
No more rationing
Boots filled speeches
Tin cans, horeshoes
Glow, hope, expectation.

9th September 2008
50 years on
Taxi on time
Posh hotel
Posh nosh
3 kids, 6 grandchildren
Their mark imprinted
Sherry, lemonade, beer, wine
Speeches, more reminiscences
Absent friends, achievements
Glow, home, satisfaction.


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