Contrasts 0

It’s beautiful sitting here in the car by the lake. There are five kayaks on the water, including Joe’s. It’s peaceful even though you can hear the traffic on the bypass.

The traffic is mostly hidden by the trees and bushes surrounding the lake. These are magnificently colourful at this time of year. It’s almost as if they were planted with autumn in mind.

It’s quite calming watching Joe. The pace of the kayak contrasts with that of the cars on the road. The two modes of transport represent different ages.

This also feels like a reflection of my week. Weekdays are a blur and the weekends need to provide a relaxing contrast. Unfortunately weekends also seem to go by in a blur.

The temperature is very pleasant. Even though it is warm I will light the fire this evening. The typical scenario is me sitting by the fire on my own reading or on the laptop whilst the others sit in front of the TV in another room. Yet another contrast.

We often hanker after the good old days. What we actually want are the benefits of modern society without the downsides.


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