The Passing Place (Noun) 0


Ubiquitous feature of travel in the Western Isles of Scotland. A transient meeting place of generosity, where people wait for oncoming vehicles to pass, or to allow people uninterested in photo opportunities to overtake. Invariably involves a smile, a wave, or a short, polite parp of the horn.


One thought on “The Passing Place (Noun)

  1. by the end of our fortnight in the highlands i was well in to pleasing gestures to passed or passing motorists. i made it my business to make each one more bold and gesticulatory than the last. it ended up nearly being quite messy, so i stopped the whole silly business and went back to business like waving.

    i’m going to do a ‘thumbs up’ rather than a gentleman’s hand raise when we move to NZ. seem’s a more appropriate option.

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