The vending machine 0

This is the vending machine. The ultimate collision of science and art.  But no ordinary vending machine this. It’s bottle retrieval and dispensing mechanism is a joy to behold. People have been known to spend their entire life’s savings on fizzy pop from this machine just to be able to watch it in action, over and over again. It’s the pinnacle of art, a work so mesmerising as to be addictive. The E number filled rubbish it dispenses contrasts uncomfortably with its mechanical functional elegance, beauty.  It is at once a chink, a collision, poetry in motion, thought stimulant, a travelogue and indeed if the video is set to repeat, a representation of the Third Law. It is both disturbing and fulfilling.

At this point there is nothing further to say. Please watch the video.

This video was filmed at Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s biggest model railway.


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