Data, power! 0

XClung on because I couldn’t let go,
Hung on because I could;
I daren’t delete, and nor dare you!
A disk for me, a hall, or two.

Our future but a hoarders’ folly,
Brought together without remorse;
Fragments here, remnants there,
Archived underneath the stair.

Trawled, collected, trapped and tapped,
Idle hunters gather prey;
Enough to feast for many years,
We are Big Data pioneers!

Made sense to all but everyone,
As truth defied the human state;
The logic held: it told a lie,
Made flawed men rich and rich men die.

Bootless bits can’t walk too far,
Can’t talk without a translator;
Latent bytes a spies best friend,
Revealed what, exactly, in the end?

Absorbing as confusion is,
Drawn together made no sense;
We sought to seek and built to scour,
In vain to harness data power.


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