Yum yum – really good recipe 0

Yum yum – really good recipe

lamb and chorizo burger

Mix a pound of minced lamb with a wodge of chopped chorizo. Add a couple of chopped red chillies, a hunk of coriander, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Split into four burgers and hand shape. Fry for a suitable amount of time and towards the end crumble some cheese on top. No need to add oil into the pan as the burgers have plenty of fat. Cover the pan with an ovenproof bowl to melt the cheese. If necessary add some water into the pan to steam and heat the cheese. Whilst your burger is cooking put two halves of a bun cut face down into the frying pan to toast. I also chopped a couple of chestnut mushrooms and cooked alongside the burger.

Eat with salad and a dressing of your choice. We used mango, lime and chilli.

lamb and chorizo burger


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