when madness levels reach fever pitch 0

when madness levels reach fever pitch

try the bucket of sand method

Take one large bucket and roughly two thirds fill with sand. Any kind of sand will do so you can choose based on personal preference. Any kind of bucket will also do. It just needs to be able to fit your head in it with some room to spare – we don’t want your head getting stuck do we?  When you feel that the world is going mad around you and you want out for a short period of peace just stick your head in the bucket.

WARNING You should not stick your head in this bucket of sand for longer than you can hold your breath. It would also be sensible to have a friend nearby who can rescue you in case something goes wrong. Have a handkerchief ready to blow the sand out of your nostrils when retracting the head – eyes and mouth should be kept closed.

Why not have a burying your head in the sand party where you and like minded people can take it in turns to put your heads in the bucket. This could be made bearable by the provision of large quantities of alcohol. If getting sand on your kitchen floor (other rooms are available) worries you then you could just cut out the bucket of sand and just have the booze. Ultimately this would have the same calming effect although it should be remembered that both methods offer only temporary relief.


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