If I said to you mobile phone what would you say that was all about 0

mobile phone

communications device
instrument of surveillance
invader of personal privacy
money sink
Electronic lifestyle manager
My P.A
streamline life
Pocket computer
Tool and entertainment system.
Pocket PC
Emergency torch.
Reference guide for trees.
In fact a reference guide for many things. Scout badges, knots, tree disease etc.
assault weapon – when thrown at velocity
Apps used on a daily basis, invaluable in what we do..
Sat nav.
Pain in the butt
Sat nav
Shopping tool
Oh and telephone ☎️ (that telephone one is increasingly less used i’m sure or decreasingly used – take your pick:)
😜👌🏻 yes both are apt I’d say!! As I’m typing this reply to you I’m in a 4 way conversation via WhatsApp 😂😂😂😂😂
I also have an ap which gives me a 10 figure grid reference which I use on work risk assessments.
contact list.
I used to have one of them. I’m not sure I can believe it.
I skipped that generation.
are you from an udder generation?
someat like that. I went from a paper address book to a contacts list and skipped the filofax.
Device for access
OK yes I have a vpn client on mine – it was about access when I was in a country that filtered my favourite sites
and a lot of people don’t even have basic access yet.
No – I wouldn’t move to a place that didn’t let me have very fast internet access
Wray would be fine 🙂
Divider of physical groups
Keeping track of Tref, and other friends.
That’ll be the surveillance bit
Indeed, but benign of course, since the target chooses to be followed 😊
photographing telegraph poles 😂
A personal, digital transportation vehicle and instrument for storing, conveying, distributing and broadcasting a vast array of multimedia, information and communication databases plus built-in communication and search tools (like having your own mobile library, with a phone, word processor, camera, calculator, hi-fi, sat nav and library assistant in it, init?). Useful for creating, cataloging, organising, archiving, retrieving, editing and sharing ones personal data, and the data created, catalogued, organised, archived, retrieved, edited and shared by nearly everyone else (and soon to be everyTHING else) on the planet 😉
Hell,I forget to add the words ‘recording’ and ‘recorded’ to my list 🙄
Hmmm! Definitely didn’t have a hi-fi or sat-nav system in our local mobile library but then, probably the last time I went inside a mobile library, the word processor hadn’t been invented 😉 Shush! QUIET PLEASE!!!


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