Dead Hedgehog 0

Dead Hedgehog

first victim of winter

We on this planet, we are all the same. We all have the same basic needs. Food, water, shelter and good health. This applies whether you’re human or wild animal, in this case hedgehog. A lack of one of the basics has led to its demise. I almost wrote untimely demise but who is to say what is timely. We all want a long and happy life but we all have to go sometime. When that time comes has a strong element of luck. This guy ran out of luck. It’s worth thinking about the hedgehog for a short while and then moving on. If the body is still there tomorrow I’ll move it into the flower bed where it can be scavenged or simply decompose, away from the full glare of the kitchen. Goodbye hedgehog. Although we never knew you we liked you.


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