The man from Tesco 0

The man from Tesco

with no name

He was sat in the cafe at Waterstones bookshop. I first saw him at the YMCA in January 1984 when I moved to Lincoln from Bangor. My first job, at Marconi Electronic Devices Ltd. I remember that he had a scooter or moped and once saw him clutching a letter saying “Yipee I’m going to see my mate in Liverpool”. Have seen him around off and on over the years. He works at Tesco on Wragby Road. He might not remember me but for some reason that Yipee has stuck in my memory for thirty two years. A woman joined him at the table. I had never given a thought to whether he was married or indeed had any friends. Presumably Monday is one of his days off, assuming he is still working. I haven’t noticed but will look out for him at the store. He will be knocking on a bit now. I never found out his name. No reason to find out. Good luck to you man with no name.


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