New Years Eve Eve 0

New Years Eve Eve

countdown to year end

Another very relaxing start to the day. Toast with M&S spiced seville orange marmalade for breakfast with glass of milk and a second cup of tea. Radio 4 and the dulcet sounds of Desert Island Discs on in the background together with the dishwasher. The dishwasher is just running a “self clean” routine and is a little louder than normal but it doesn’t detract too much from the ambience.

All I really need to do today is fix some of the kitchen chairs. The joints are loose and need glueing. Happens every few years. Crap really but there you go. The furniture in the conservatory also needs a bit of a once over but that will wait, if only because it’s bloomin cold in there.

Did some initial work on turning the diary into the book yesterday and came across a little issue. It’s already around 183,000 words. That would result in a 700 or so page book even without images. I’m going to have to turn it into a 4 volume set I think. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. That works for me. The eBook can just be the one volume. Also realised that at 83,000 words the 3rd Law is also big enough to publish. I had thought it needed to be a lot bigger but I can get on with that. It needs editing to take out some of the very time based (ie obsolete) stuff like references to the use of the Nokia N97. I wrote it a few years ago now.

Cold start again. Looking out of the kitchen window it looks like drizzle but it may just be the mist. Today is very definitely a day for staying inside in the warm. Also feels like a Strugglers early doors day. Fire going in the hearth, chink of glasses, great atmosphere etc. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord beer. Nuff said.

Was late to bed last night on account of watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. When it came to the news at 11pm and the realisation that the film didn’t finish before 12.30 I decided to call it quits. We have it on DVD so I may watch the rest this morning. Been meaning to have a Harry Potterathon sometime. Must get around to it.

Very refreshing shower and shave. Needed to get a wiggle on because I have had a request from the favourite daughter for a lift to her bezzy mate Lois’ at 10.30. They have some shopping planned. This is following their stint downtown yesterday, albe that a cultural visit to the Usher Gallery followed by lunch at Cafe Portico. And then the shops. And then dinner somewhere. Wildwood. Do it while you can I say.

Made some filling to go in a pie for New Year’s Day using up the last of the Christmas Day beef. Looks ok. Simmered it for two or three hours. Then watched the end ot the HP from last night – on DVD. Couldn’t play again on ITV. Then glued some of the kitchen chairs, oh and posted a card. Post Office in the Bail. Lots of people around although it really is damp and miserable out there. Also have compiled an album entitled Food of 2016. Totally unedited at 1026 photos but I may go back and trim it down a bit. 1k+ pics is somewhat over the top. Hey

Am thinking Struggs for early doors but none of the boys have replied to my text. Perhaps they are trying to tell me something. Coops did answer that he is in Chester so that’s no good. I said if he set off now he’d get there in time. Problem with the Strugs, and particularly in this yukky weather is that it’s a 20 minute walk. If I set off there and find that none of them are in then that would be a waste of time. Of course it isn’t likely to happen. For example the chance that Ian won’t be there is pretty miniscule. It’s his second home.

pic is the beef pie before it became one.


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