Friday 16th March, 2018 0

Friday 16th March, 2018

The birds have just woken up. It’s 5.49am. I’ve just noticed. Reassuring really. Where would we be without birds? Overrun by worms?! Their body clocks are clearly different to mine, even though I too am awake. This is not normal although more likely in the Summer months than in Winter. March is not a Summer month in the UK.

I note a rumbling in my stomach. It is too early to consider breakfast. Perhaps it wasn’t a hunger pang. Just a grumble of some sort or another. It has passed.

Snow is forecast for the weekend. Again. We thought we had got rid of it. I really like snow but once it’s been here a day or two it gets tedious. At least in the UK. We don’t know how to cope with it. Tomorrow we are driving to Cardiff so don’t want the snow to be too much of a nuisance. Let it wait until we have arrived and then melt overnight on Saturday. I command that it be so.

I am waiting for it to be time to make the tea. It isn’t my turn but that’s ok. I like treating Anne when it is her turn really. This isn’t a hard and fast rule of whose turn it is. Neither of us makes the tea when the other is not around. Clearly the tea making is a social thing. Part of what we do for each other as a married couple. White no sugar.

We have new curtains in the TV room. Quite warm to look at fair play. Anne has done a good job. It’s a cosy room and warmer than the living room. The living room comes into its own in Summer where it can be the coolest place to sit. The best room in Springtime is the conservatory where I can open the doors into the garden and absorb the outdoor freshness.

We are in for another cold spell. I’ve brought the propagators in from the greenhouse. The tomatoes aren’t  going to do anything in this weather and I’m keen to get them germinating. I will for next year need to look at some kind of heating for the greenhouse. Eco friendly obvs. Not this year though. The only main project for the greenhouse this year, other than growing stuff, is the irrigation system. The water butt system is in place. 310 litres of storage which should be enough, combined with solar powered water pump, timer and hose, to keep the little darling plants happy whenever we are not around.


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