Christmas is fast arriving 0

Christmas is fast arriving

Christmas is arriving fast in our house. Tomorrow we decamp to London for trefbash, the ninth of its kind. The champagne has been ordered, the menu sorted and the band knows when to arrive. This year we also have a photographer lined up as it’s the only way I remember what happened and who came. Such is trefbash.

On Friday we catch the 10.30am train from London back to Lincoln where a taxi will whisk us through the thronging masses of Lincoln Christmas Market goers to drop our bags off at home and thence to the nearest point to the Wig and Mire whereupon we will be having lunch with Anne’s old university pal Gill Dowling (rod). Wine will be involved.

Saturday is our annual Christmas Market party. We have folk around, drink stuff and sing Christmas Carols. A tradition since the early 1990s. I can’t remember exactly when we had the first.

A busy long weekend ahead. But first I have 42 parcels to post!


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