Sunday 16th December 2018 0

Sunday 16th December 2018

My plan for today

Already broken the fast with a toasted bacon and mushroom sandwich and now sat in front of the newly lit fire which is crackling as the kindling is made up mostly of pine. No match required as it self lit from last night’s embers. I will shortly get dressed and start prep for lunch. A simple roast chicken with stuffing, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, broccoli (yuk) and peas. The gravy will be top notch (ahem) and there will be pigs in blankets because we have the materials. Classic FM on the Sonos. Anne is off to church heavily decked out in purple. Must be a warm colour. I have to go and pick up a train ticket for John and a couple of items from the Post Office collection depot at Firth Road. Later I am headed to the Strugglers. Hey Dude are on at 5pm. A relaxed ease into the evening, home and likely an early night.


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