Kelly’s Eye Chiang Mai 0

Kelly’s Eye Chiang Mai

palm fronds shift listlessly in the light breeze

grass grows underfoot

motionless Gardener occasionally changes direction of hosepipe

crisp white waiter moves silently between tables

occasional splash from pool reminds me that volume is on

straw hat tossed carelessly falls on floor

a flash of colour, birdsong

wake up to no change

empty tennis court

long, slow breathing


strawberry and banana ice cream with jasmine green tea

banana leaves collect dripping condensation

Back on the oriental slow boat. Sleep is a plentiful commodity. Red flowers contrast with variegated greenery. Luxury living at a bygone pace. Tomorrow we move on to Krabi. THis is not without excitement as tropical storm Pabuk is currently battering the area.

Someone just flicked a switch. I jolt to some loud funky music. I don’t mind. It’s just different. Probably good not to be soporific all afternoon. Will give the pool a miss and perhaps take a shower before heading to the spa with Anne for a his and hers foot massage. A plane passes noisily over head. The palm fronds have stopped moving.


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