2 slices of ham please 0

2 slices of ham please

I was idly patrolling the aisles of Waitrose, as you do, when I strolled up to the deli counter. I had nothing in mind. I didn’t need anything. My bag was already full with the essential ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner and really it was now down to any impulse purchase I might make before leaving the store.

In front of me at the counter were a retired old couple staring at the various delicacies on offer and just as I arrived they said to each other. “We’ll go for that then”. The wife looked up at the woman behind the counter and said to her “two slices of ham please”.

Wow I thought. This a couple whose life is ordered. Two slices. One each. Will I be like that when I get to their age? I can’t imagine it but who knows? I am happy right now just catching the wave and ordering ham by the wodge (holds up finger and thumb).


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