Sunday morning 3rd March 0

Sunday morning 3rd March

Espresso on, coffee pot noises

Half a grapefruit, livener

ClassiF cM

Moment of reflection, shiver through shoulders

Anne’s thought for the day: Hannah looks like Anti Ann apparently

Just had my jobs list read out to me. It’s the longest one in some time

  1. Order skip (and presumably fill it)
  2. Plant seeds
  3. Repair sideboard door (the one in the conservatory)
  4. Repair fence post (I reversed the car into it and it cracked in half!)
  5. Sort out downstairs loo – needs a professional
  6. Stick back missing time in utility room
  7. new light bulbs in kitchen and conservatory
  8. Fix radiator cover

This is not one that will get done quickly. My most immediate job is is to decide on what to have for breakfast. There are options although I used up all the mushrooms in the steak pie last night.

Ingredients to hand:

  1. Wholemeal bread
  2. Bacon medallions
  3. Skinny sausages (low Syn)
  4. Eggs
  5. beans , baked, one of someone else’s 57 varieties
  6. Potah toes
  7. Tinned tomatoes, whole
  8. The other half of the grapefruit
  9. Potentially some smoked salmon though I haven’t checked
  10. One green chilli
  11. One green pepper

There is no rush to decide. Classic FM really is relaxing me. Fair play. I wonder if today is all about lists? There already seems to be a trend. Eleven breakfast items seems a lot. This needs careful consideration. Note no baked beans but I could add spam fritters to the list as I just came across a tin of spam whilst checking the cupboard for beans. Ain’t going to happen this morning though. I wouldn’t eat a whole tin and it is particularly incompatible with Slimming World.

Starting to feel the odd hunger pang. Juices moving. Wonder how long I could go before needing to decide. Am thinking poached eggs on toast with chillies, a bit of bacon on the side and some fried potatoes. There. Done it. Now you know.

Storm Freya is a coming.

prenderti in un po ‘di amici. Devo andare via per accendere la stufa


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