Weatherwise it’s not a lovely day 0

Weatherwise it’s not a lovely day

Weatherwise it’s not a lovely day. It is in fact a non day for weather. There is  a breeze and I think rain might be forecast although I haven’t looked at the official forecast and didn’t take any notice of it at the end of the news. There is a storm a blowing in some parts of the country. Batten down dem hatches, people of the West.

I’m off the the metropolis today for a couple. Lonap AGM followed by UKNOF. Always good and interesting days fair play. Currently sat in the shed charging my laptop. I used to have two chargers so I could keep one in the house and one in the shed but one was purloined by an offspring without asking as he had mislaid his.

It is quiet in the shed. A wonderful place to exist. I am thinking of creating bookbinding corner. There is an ideal space to the left of the TV between the sliding doors and the window that looks out on the greenhouse. Bookbinding is something I’ve been thinking of taking up for a few years. I quite fancy writing the book and then binding it myself. Not a mass market obvs. 

Stay tuned on that one. It’s a long term project. I will need to go on a course as my knowledge level of bookbinding is based on seeing a historical programme once on TV a few years ago. I want to bind historic books, or the books that I bind will be historic. Something like that.

All packed for London anyway. Ish. Nothing has actually been packed but it is all ready to shove in my laptop bag once I retrieve it from the shed. Also being retrieved is a hessian bag for life which is being used to transport various items left in the house from time to time by London based offspring. Parental postal service. Delivery also includes breakfast. Sokay. Sgood.

My train, one of the few direct ones from Lincoln to London, departs at 11.27 and I will be leaving the house at 11am or so in order to be there in plenty of time. Cutting it fine for trains and plains (as opposed to tranes and planes) is not good for the heart and you never know what traffic issues might arise en route. Even though it’s only about a mile and a half and easily walkable.


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