beeootiful sunny day

Totes beeootiful sunny day in the shire. Taking my cup of tea this morning in the conservatoire for the first time this season. Good Friday in prospect 🙂

Bit of campervan rental, bit of scarification, bit of culinary activity. I don’t know why it’s just dawned on me but a curry is a very keto diet compatible food item, as long as you stay away from the bread and rice. So I’m cooking a curry today in preparation for tomorrow night’s meal. It’s always better the next day.

Got to walk down to the garage to pick up campervan Jade. Jade is going out on hire this afternoon but it being a particularly Great Friday the garage is shut so doing it from our house which is fine. Jade is our fave van and the one we would take when heading off for a jaunt.

Lots of tomato seedlings in the tray on the floor next to me. They will need potting on shortly I dare say. We usually have more than we need once they have all been planted out. I’ll let you know availability nearer the time.

It must be a westerly wind because I’ve just heard the cathedral bells strike the half hour. This is good. Warmer. Were there any clothes on the line they would dry more quickly than would otherwise be the case, unless it was a southerly 🙂

The garage is almost back to pre electrician visit condition which means it is still in dire need of a good sort out. This will happen over the weekend. Probs. It is nice to have an officially long weekend although the good folk in Belgium with who I work are still at the coal face and sending me emails

Jade ready to go. Lawn scarified. Will do the aeration once the hirers have picked up the van. Cleared out the garage. Moved the large bookcase in the conservatory back into place. I know I hadn’t mentioned that before but now you know.

Halloumi kebabs for lunch.

Today is the first seriously spring-like day we have had. I’ve been out in the jardin de Tref & Anne scarifying and aerating the lawn. We used to have Green Thumb do this but almost half the lawn needs reseeding post chafer bugs so I figured I’d do it all meself. GT don’t do chafer bug treatment.

So made it into the pool, heventually. It was the start of the last session and quickly filled up. My lane must have had 9 or 10 punters in it. I prefer the last session before closing where it is not untypical to only have two or three of us in a lane and sometimes only me.

When it is that full it it doesn’t necessarily make for a good swim although today didn’t seem too bad. There are stories to be told.

First of all two girls got in, did two lengths, hung around the end of the lane for a while chatting and preventing anyone from making it to the side so we had to turn early. They left after less than ten minutes. Good oh.

The some bald geezer kept doing one length and then stopping for a break. After a suitable rest he would launch himself underwater for six or seven metres before coming up to a slow breast stroke.

A husband and wife combo then got in and swim in tandem. I can’t do this with Anne as she is much faster than me and goes in a different lane. Anyway they didn’t stay the pace either.

Three yooves hung around the edge of the pool before eventually getting into the middle lane. They splashed vigorously whilst doing the front crawl with their heads high out of the water. I think they only lasted ten minutes as well.

In all around fifteen people occupied the lane in the thirty minutes I was in and when I got out there were only four left. Felt good having done my half an hour. Would have done more were it quieter.

I have a curry cooking slowly on the stove top. It is very loosely a lamb Rogan Josh but won’t taste anything like a RJ in practice. It is for tomorrow night.

By Trefor Davies

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