Lockdown 2

broken boiler?

Woke up to freezing temperatures outside. The house is warm although we have a boiler issue. It’s a new boiler and already leaking so andy the plumber appeared at 7.00am to take a skeet. Seals furred up and disintegrating! At 9am ish the boiler company was on the blower and has arranged for an engineer to come out on Tuesday, earlier if poss. This is good responsiveness. As long as the leak gets no worse we will be fine. Otherwise we will be huddled around the fire in the front room or spending more time in the shed which is toasty and well insulated.

Insulation in the house has improved over the years as we had pvc double glazing fitted to the rear elevation (as they say). The house was built in 1939 so it is not inherently well insulated. Sokay.

Our previous house in Greetwell Gate was built in 1870 and when we moved to this one we imagined the storm clouds gathering overhead as the first occupants took ownership. A few interesting ghosts still in residence no doubt. German bombers used to use Lincoln Cathedral as a navigation point en route to bombing industrial centres in the midlands. The house has changed significantly since  those days. Five bedrooms not three. Three loos not one. A shed etc. We are in number 118 but next door is 76. We think that the prewar numbering had been designed for terrace houses aka most of the rest of Lincoln but the postwar recession and presumably a reduction in the industrial base in the city must have affected this.

Although today is a Friday it doesn’t really feel as if it is.

In other news I’ve been partially cracking through the jobs list. Hanna’s bed was moved back into her room and the chair that had been downstairs but moved upstairs temporarily is now back downstairs. Nobody ever sits in it though! A new light fitting has been ordered for my office (bit of effort that was), the vent cover for the downstairs loo extractor put back in place by the back door (flappy bit is broken though so we will have to see if that matters) and I checked out the broken light bulb in the back porch. The bulb is fine it’s the fitting that is knackered so that will have to wait. Later we are moving the bit of sofa back from the downstairs store room into the TV room. Then that’s more or less it for the jour.

Seeing as it is Friday, regardless of whether it feels like it or not, I might treat meself to a drop of something later. Will have a root through the cupboards in case I missed any gin though I think we are out of the stuff. My 3pm meeting has been put off until next week so that’s me done for the week. Hello weekend.

By Trefor Davies

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