Gorgeosity [def]

An unusually rare state of inconceivable gorgeousness, usually in a female. This person both loves and is loved. Puts up with unreasonableness in an unreasonably nice way. Grows lovelier with each passing year.  Looks great in the pool. Likes snooker.…

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Two carpets on a painted wood floor

Taken on a dull Sunday afternoon in February. The room had a north facing bay window  that let in the right amount of diffused light for the effective presentation of this composition.

The artist, Trefor Davies, makes good use of …

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Good number, 14. It’s an even number though why that should mean anything is anyone’s guess. Nobody’s business. It also means you are well and truly entrenched in your teens. 13 was the first of the teen birthdays. 14 is …

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The meaning of Christmas

Strange that the culmination of the year should be Christmas time. It’s deepest mid-winter. The weather is at it’s most miserable nonentity. It rarely snows to make it the picture postcard scene of Christmas cards. Neither does it have the …

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Off to Boston this morning to deliver some musicians to a midday rehearsal. Doing the “taking there” bit avoids the duty of bringing them back at around 10pm tonight. It’s not a bad drive back from Boston at that time …

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Summer draws gently to a close

Today I had the first sense that summer is coming to an end. This morning there was a slight edge to the air when I went swimming at around 6.45am. This evening I put a fleece on to go out …

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But is it art?

Giles was keen to know, and the rest of us certainly were interested…

Do we know what’s going on here?

Someone else had spotted it, but kindly remarked

I know, I saw that. I think that was the pressure jet,

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The Art of Government

As a Crown Representative for technology, working out of the Cabinet Office, I get to attend meetings in some interesting and unique places around Whitehall. As a painter myself, I’m often impressed by – and sometime in awe of – …

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Panoramic images of Barcelona

In years gone by we would have sent postcards home from a holiday with pictures of what we have seen – castles, beaches, pretty cottages etc etc etc. Nowadays we just take pictures with our phones and post the best …

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mercat st josep la boqueria

wonderful colours in this market on la rambla.












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Barcelona dusk


More oasis in the Arabian desert than western city but the culture is there, along with the hordes of tourists.
The lifestyle takes getting used to. Dinner late into the evening, forced inactivity under the afternoon sun, leisurely breakfast at …

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