12.8kg down on my get slimmer in 2022 odyssey. Fitting more comfortably into clothes that had grown tight and feeling a lot better with it. Got a big week ahead though. From Saturday my only nights in are Sunday and Monday until the following Sunday. 

I have mixed thoughts about this. Having made so much good progress it’s a bit of a shame to pause it. However this won’t be the first pause since Christmas and I have previously picked up where I left off and improved on it.

Secondly I have some great days and nights out in prospect and life is here to be lived. It’s about striking the right balance innit. 

There is always gin and slimline tonic although I rarely drink gin in pubs because of the miniscule amounts you get in a standard shot. Also if I was with someone drinking pints then I’d finish far too quickly and be totally sloshed before I knew what was happening.

Part of the keto diet is not consuming alcohol and this has been very easy when I haven’t been travelling which is quite reassuring 🙂 My rule when at home was always not to drink during the week (weekend starts on a Thursday mind you). It was too easy to break this rule during lockdown but things seem to be getting back on track.

Chillin in the tv room with ma gurl. Waiting for the Everton v Boreham Wood game to start. Not that interested in it actually other than like most watchers I want BW to win, being massive underdogs. Not sure I even know any Everton fans other than Anne’s Uncle Cliff.

Quite nice sat in the tv room actually. It’s cosy. Normally we would watch this sort of thing in the shed but the FA Cup is on terrestrial tv so it’s watchable in the house. Reality is that I could probs cast it from my phone were it on Sky or BTSport but no need.

Slightly annoying that they, ITV, just interrupted a somewhat poignant moment where the teams were paying tribute to the Ukraine with some adverts that seem most inappropriate. Everton have an Ukranian player by the looks of it. 

C’mon Boreham Wood.

Mind you ITV sports commentary is crap.

I have around 15m of bookshelves in the tv room. More elsewhere. I’ve decided that, shed apart, I won’t buy any more bookcases but will gradually relegate some of the fiction to the attic. In my younger days I devoured a lot of what might be considered to be classic fiction but nowadays I don’t have a problem with moving it to storage.

By Trefor Davies

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