Lockdown 2

France 2023

Sbeen a busy ole day now being finished off watching the pool in the shed. With ma girl. Checked out the Rugby World Cup France 2023 tickets sitch. No gude. Told me to come back in a few hours the first couple of times I tried. Didn’t even make the queue. After this I opted for the reminder email 10 mins before they were going to let me progress. This evening I remembered this and looked only to find it had arrived three hours previous with a ten minute validity for the link. Somewhat dischuffed I clicked anyway and found that I was in and 43% of the way through the queue. In the meantime Jezzer appeared on the whatsapp group saying that everything decent was gone. I can confirm this to be the case. The site gives you the option to hold tix for 48 hours so assuming that every man and his RWC registered dog have put a hold on a chunk of billets. Will look again in 48 hours. Truth is I don’t really want a 4 game team pack or a 3 game city pack. I will take pot luck nearer the time and if it comes to the crunch watch every game in the bar drinking Kronenbourg and pernod. Not really. I don’t like Pernod. Yuk. We have provisionally decided to go for the month of September. It’s a long way away yet so plenty of time to sort. Bit of an adventure innit. The stroll every morning to the boulangerie to pick up a fresh baguette and the occasional croissant. A simple lunch of salad and white wine outside a cafe on the busy boulevard Saint Jacques, whoever he was. Degustation patron. A walk around the harbour, stroll around the art gallery. That kind of stuff. Nice is a long way down in a vintage VW campervan. I’m thinking 3 or 4 days to get there with the same coming back. What’s the rush? More as I think of it.

By Trefor Davies

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