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Anyone I know been invited to the funeral of the decade? Unlikely. Also unlikely that it will be the funeral of the decade but let’s not go there.

There are serious consequences to the timing of this funeral, and I’m not talking about the lack of a bank holiday to go with it which would have been a popular move. I’m talking football kickoff times on Saturday. The imps game away at Bristol Rovers is on at 12.30 which means a really early start in the bus for the lads. Hopefully they will all get to bed early tonight although we all know that just going to bed early doesn’t mean falling asleep early.

Ordinarily I like a good funeral, if someone has had a long innings. It is a good way of celebrating a life. Well the wake is. The actual funeral is just something you have to get out of the way before the wake.

Now in another boring meeting. I ignored the whole 90 minutes yesterday but this one I am down to say something so have to half listen. 

We’ve been seeing magpies in the back garden. There is a nesting pair in the evergreen oak over the back fence. This is a first, in living memory. Yesterday we even had a trio of vociferous ducks land. Two blokes and a bird, so to speak. She was the one making all the noise. Even waddled towards me on the deck as I was videoing the relatively rare event. In fact I can’t remember seeing ducks in the back garden before. Another first.

It is a Friday. I typically finish at lunchtime on Fridays after my regular meeting with the South Aftricans at noon. Today I have one further meeting at 1pm. Then it’s a swim at 2.30. This morning we have a trip to the tip and are picking up Colin’s fridge en route. Exciting stuff eh? The day will be rounded off with a visit to the garden of the Burton Club for beverages with a select number of friends.

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