Lockdown 2

it is time

Was awake early this morning. Again. Lying in bed I glanced at the clock radio which showed 05:57. “It’s about 6 o’clock” I said to myself. It was Anne’s turn to make the tea but too early yet and I doubt she would have appreciated being woken up to be told.

This made me think about the importance or otherwise of having a clock. Sure I need to know when I have arranged meetings with work and sure we need to know the kickoff time for a game we plan to watch. However I am up now, showered and sat on a sofa writing this and the time is unimportant. Breakfast has not yet been taken. The time I eat is irrelevant. Should I just eat when I am hungry?

Is bedtime important? If I go to bed at 8pm I will wake up at 2 or 3am. That would probs be a bit of a nuisance as Anne would still be asleep and I would either have to lie there patiently waiting for morning or get up and do something downstairs (been there).

Anyway thassitfornow. I’m off for a bit of brekkie. It is time.

By Trefor Davies

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