Historical statement

2016 – a mark on a historical timeline

Today is election day for the US Presidential Elections. A worrying time for us all.

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Krakow Tuesday

checked in on BA873

Still full of cold this morning. It’s our last day in Krakow. Actually I’m at in the Euro-IX conference all day. Anne has gone off walking again with kay. They are talking about doing a Jewish

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splutter dead pig

Monday and it’s the first day of the Euro-IX meeting proper. A nice gathering of folks. Been coming to these meetings for 4 years or so now and know a lot of the people here so it

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in the rain

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cheese and onion crisps

Krakow style

tasted just like Smiths crisps

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Sunday in Krakow

where it rains

Somewhat groggy start to the day occasioned by the copious amount of wodka dished out in between courses at dinner last night. Was a very good night out. Many thanks to Elisa Jasinska for organising. Pleased to

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The polish word for lift is winda

this lift is winding me up!

Sore froat this morning. Ah well. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Krakow. 5 of us arrived last night on the BA872 from LHR. Had a few drinks in the lounge and on the

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Two white horses in a field of green
What is the nature of their conversation
Nice bit of grass this morning
I like the way it is more refreshing with the dew on it
Stop whinnying
Who’s …

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Awaiting image

twirly for foto

There’s a song that starts “It’s four in the morning…” That applies to me right now. Had 6 hours kip and am awake so came downstairs. I did have to think about it. That bed is toasty.

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and more brrrr

A cold start to the morning. Went downstairs at 6.15 ostensibly to make the tea and to use the laptop to reply to some Facebook comments. Foolishly “accepted” and Apple upgrade which wrote off the use of

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Shef field

Hampton by Hilton

Very productive LONAP board meeting yesterday. Preceded by a light Mexican lunch at the Street Food Chef – a top class burrito cantina in Sheffield. After the board meeting we had a couple of beers and a

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at Coops’

Sat in the corner of Coops’ garage waiting for the campervan to be returned. Nobody else around. Keith has gone to the dentist. Coops is on the way to South Wales to Paul Floe’s funeral. Floey was a

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It’s 05:57

feels dark out

It’s 05:57. Dark. I’m awake. It’s an effect caused by going to bed at a sensible time. In my case this is normally triggered by the news on the TV. Anne wants it on. Anne is interested

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Broadcasting live

from the Wragby Road Arena

Back in the pool this morning after a somewhat indulgent week and a half. Still have some travel in the calendar but it is coming towards the end and I’m quite looking forward to a

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Clocks go back

nice lie in

Clocks went back this morning. Yay. A relaxed start to the day although somewhat tempered by the fact that at 9.30am Anne discovered that John’s hockey meet was at 9.30am. He got dressed, ate a bacon sandwich

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Autumn leaves

fall and are swept out of sight

Great to wake up in my own bed with my girl. I made the tea and at breakfast had a bacon sandwich with a glass of milk. Aahh. The mail included a replacement

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Friday the 28th

Part 2

The notable thing when taking off from Madrid airport is the ring of mountains that encircles the place. The curtains have been drawn between the cabins and I can smell food from the galley. I have an empty …

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homeward bound

BA8754 non stop to LCY

Homeward bound this evening. It is still morning however. Had a bit of baguette with jam and butter for breakfast together with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of tea (2

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My belly is even fuller.


Skipped breakfast this morning although I did nip down for a quick reviving espresso which is something I don’t normally do. Had a phone call with Mair from BBC Radio Cymru to discuss my forthcoming appearance on the Betti

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my belly is full

sat by the pool

My belly is full. The food at the RIPE73 lunches is perfectly acceptable with plenty of choice. I tend to have salad but these are still quite substantial. It’s been a busy morning of chatting to

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