Everything must go

HUGE 50% off selected items.
BOGOF – cheapest item free.
50% reductions
Everything must go
End of …

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Freezing fog

and a Lincoln City win

The big, community uniting, sporting exciting news is that Lincoln City beat Oldham Athletic 3 – 2 in the 2nd round of the FA Cup. They were leading 3 – 0 but Oldham improved in

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Slow walk


This afternoon I walked slowly into town. I had plenty of time and there was no reason to hurry. A girl, a young woman, walked past me and soon disappeared around the corner ahead.

The age of this girl

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The man from Tesco

with no name

He was sat in the cafe at Waterstones bookshop. I first saw him at the YMCA in January 1984 when I moved to Lincoln from Bangor. My first job, at Marconi Electronic Devices Ltd. I remember that

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the North East wind blows

Chill descends over city. Wind from the North East. Norway. Siberia maybe. Sideways glance into alleyway.  Homeless man huddles. Dirty sleeping bag.

Wind direction for him not good.

Did not stop. Climbed hill home. More …

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Death of a man

Gaia accepts returns

I found out recently that someone who lived nearby had died a few months ago. I had not noticed the passing of this person. I doubt that he will be missed by many if anyone, other than

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apple cycle spins

Alarm has just gone off at 6.15 am. I’m taking Joe and Charlotte to the station. In my pyjamas. Just with my new Black Yak hoodie for warmth. Obviously I’m assuming the car doesn’t break down en

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music history poetry imagery

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live at the

Wragby Road Bowl

Must be said I think that last night’s Davies Christmas Market Party was the best to date which is saying something after 26 or so years. We had a good crowd of mostly regulars but with a

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Morning Before

the following night

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outside Lloyds Bank

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Today’s Jobslist

and the coathanger that never was

Clean out grate and reset fire – bring logs and kindling in
Move office stuff out of conservatory (Tref)
Shift conservatory table to side and set up PA (if considered necessary)
Move settee around …

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Today’s pictures are green

winter rose

green bottles


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Observations from this morning

Tesco trip.

  1. Ended up not buying the booze due to time pressures – these things don’t want to be rushed. Instead will get it with the kids tomorrow morning. Having the kids help you buy booze doesn’t sound right does
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xmas market party 2016

shopping list

sausage rolls
tortilla chips
stuff like that
breakfast stuff
soft drinks
pepperoni pizza for john
cheese twists

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Dead Hedgehog

first victim of winter

We on this planet, we are all the same. We all have the same basic needs. Food, water, shelter and good health. This applies whether you’re human or wild animal, in this case hedgehog. A lack …

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of logs

and more logs

Some repetitive tinny music grating down the stairs from the phone at the top. Oo it’s stopped. The phone is trying alternatives. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. Michael Buble. Interesting to see how MB

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from a larger work

larger work containing a bag

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philosopherontap the options


The options
philosopherontap Philosopherontap pHilosopherontap phIlosopherontap philLosopherontap philOsopherontap philoSopherontap philosOpherontap philosoPherontap philosopHerontap philosophErontap philosopheRontap philosopherOntap philosopheroNtap philosopheronTap philosopherontAp philosopherontaP ph1losopherontap phil0sopherontap philos0pherontap philosoph3rontap philosopher0ntap philosopheront4p

The challenge
A word of 16 letters – all of which have two variables …

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