The correct way to hang a loo roll – Christmas special

short instructional post on how to hang a toilet roll

There should be nothing contentious about how to hang a loo roll but

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eve eve

Bit of a rush around this morning. Waitrose with Joe at 8am to get veg and stuff. Realised when I got there I’d forgotten the money off vouchers – £24 off if you spend more than £120 –

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thursday evening

family meal

It’s thursday evening. We’ve eaten the chicken and chorizo stew (with chorizo cooked in dry sherry) and made a start on the cheese I bought for Christmas. I might need to top up some of the cheese for

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Feels like

a Saturday

Feels like a Saturday morning but I am reliably informed it is only Wednesday. This is because we were at the Dawkinses last night and their hospitality is legendary. Much prosecco, gin, wine and brandy was consumed. It …

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sad times with

the passing of an old friend


We got some bad news yesterday. It seems to have been a year for such news. Geraint Evans, an old family friend, was finally beaten by cancer and died during the afternoon. I

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one night in Lincoln

is like a year in any other town

Cooked a lamb tikka massala last night. Turned out perfectly edible but only 6 / 10 really. Not top class Indian restaurant standard. Set it going in the oven and gave it

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The Football Match

Lincoln City 2 – 1 Tranmere Rovers

What a great day yesterday. Picked Jose up from the station at 11am. Hung around at home for a bit and went to buy bread and cheese from Waitrose. Then at around 13.15

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move away from the bedroom

write at your own chosen time

Look out of the window. Listen to the birdsong. Even in December there is birdsong. The level of the seeds in the feeder goes down a little every day. We haven’t reached the worst

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white batch

Lateish start this morning due to yesterday’s very long lunch. Met Gary Stobie and Adie on the Prince at 1.30 and got home at well gone 9pm.  The route was Taphouse > Prince > Duke > Strugglers >

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Soon I will die

and be forgotten

I am a baker. I have mastered the basic art of survival. I make bread. I put food on the table for my family. My cow provides us with milk, butter and cheese. I brew ale and

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Staring down the barrel of a gun

trust nobody

You think we live in a nice provincial town. Rarely get any trouble around here eh? Open your eyes. There are instruments of violence all around you. Even here in the bustling tourist heartland of the city known

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Christmas Pub Quiz

at the West End Tap

The central heating has just kicked in. It must be 6.24am and nearly time to stick the kettle on. I woke up around 5am and took a look at my phone. Unfortunately it wasn’t on

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The three servers

at the castle cafe

Picture the scene. You walk into a cafe. There aren’t many in although it still looks a little crowded because some guy with a pram is blocking access to a chunk of space. I amble up

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a rare glimpse of what lies

behind the hedge

My bread turned out well. White bloomer. Used it as part of a toasted bacon sandwich for breakfast. Last night was chatting to a chef at the Wright Vigar do. He had made the quarter finals of

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which came first

post box or berries?

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or just posh garage?


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21st century


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The apple is still hanging on

to dear life

Good kip. Woke up to hear that Trevor McCaskill the weather forecaster has died – yet another bit of bad news to add to the pile for 2016. We must surely be in for a bout of

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choir of King’s College Cambridge

crammed into our conservatory

The choir of King’s College Cambridge are singing away in the background. They are all crammed into our conservatory. It’s a professional performance despite the fact that there isn’t really room for them all to fit

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weak sun

& Halcon Alturas 2014

Been a pleasant morning. Kicked off with a swim followed by fruit and fibre and a bit of toast for breakfast. Then Jackie Gordon arrived with the wine from their Halcon vineyard in California. 3 bottles

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