The Cuddle

A couple float horizontally in mid air. His right arm is around her shoulders, holding her close. Her right leg is over his …

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Weekend away

Friday morning.  I got up earlier than I would have done on a normal weekday, and didn’t mind.  Packing the car up mostly with things that I wouldn’t need, but nevertheless wanted to take, I remembered that I ought to

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A tale of two markets

Lincoln Christmas Market was fun. At each turn there were interesting stalls full of wonderful goods to buy. Black Yak hats and candle powered steamboats stirred it with Lincoln Red burgers, dodgems and mulled wine. Festive music and flashing lights, …

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Christmas Tree Lights

I bought some new Christmas tree lights from Woolworths during the week. Woolworths is closing down so I thought I’d see whether there were any bargains to pick up.

There was nothing in the store that I was interested in …

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Bath Christmas Market

Crisp, crunch, cold. Twinkly lights.

Sugar-dusted waffles, warm spices.

Hats, gloves, scarves, thick woolly tights

This year’s Christmas delights 


Goldfish bowl horses yellow red green

Up down round up down round

Cameras flashing, laughing, keen,

Go again if you pay

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Tea Ern ?

Terry’s on the urn; it’s his turn.

Tea for two ?

More like two hundred and twenty two.


It’s Tref’s turn too; he’s volunteered to do

The washing up

Of two hundred and twenty two teacups.


Sue’s out in the

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Peace in our time

The log on the fire crackles occasionally. It is relaxing to watch the flames dance around the edge. There is quite a deep glow in the fire and the warmth is perfect for the size of room.

It’s not very …

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Co-operative Funeralcare

Just watching the bowls on the telly before the Wales v Australia rugby match and note that the tournament is sponsored by Cooperative Funeralcare. Brilliantly blatant.

It’s basically telling its Saga membership viewers that they think there is a good …

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In Our House There is No Retreat (from the noise)

In our house the drums aren’t distant. They are in the living room. They appeared there one Friday night when I came home from work, along with the trumpet. The guitar was already there. A very loud combination.

In our …

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The football match

It was a cold Sunday morning with snow on the ground. Not icy though so there was no problem with the game going ahead. The journey to Caythorpe took longer than I had expected. This was partly because of the

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A brisk round of golf in late November

The cheeks certainly had a glow to them as we strode round the golf course. At 2 or 3 degrees it wasn’t frozen and you were ok if the sun was out or you had your back to the wind.

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He was buried on Thursday. The weather wasn’t very good, it being November, but there was a good turnout apparently. They were all there, except the Americans, who couldn’t make the trip. They had had plans, now cast aside clearly,

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The Apple Tree


The apple tree buds, the start of spring,

The first sign of hope,

The flowers arrive and with them

Birdsong, absent for some months now.

Fresh new smells in the garden and the cleaned up patio

Point to lunch outside

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Leave The Garden Alone!

These leaves are not alone

They are dangerous to leave,

The grass will die

And we’ll all know why,

Because I left it till later.

Too late? Err…

Rakers of the world unite

We need your help, before tonight:-)

Turn …

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Miserable Sundays

It’s one of those horrible wet, miserable days in November where nobody in their right mind is out and about. The fire in the living room is cosy enough but I want to get up and out and do something!

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Winter 1983

It was a dark day in November or early December 1983. I remember it was a Sunday and I was down to my last pound. Some of it went on potatoes, baked beans and cardboard flavoured burgers from the local

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They are all in there watching the TV!

What do you do when yours is a lone voice in the wilderness?  When the rest of the family is in the other room watching the TV. When the kitchen seems a lonely place!

It’s a bit of an oasis, …

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moo, moo


From an idea by Benjammin

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The Model Of A Human Life

The ultimate work of art, a model reproduction of an entire life. You can rewind or fast forward to any stage from birth to death. You can see what is going on in the mind and experience all the phases …

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The Graveyard Of The Chelsea Tractor

Rusting metal mingles with rubber, glass and orange plastic.
Decay, a by-product of self-destructing self-worship.
The smell of oil and dirt, torn leather and plastic,
Badges of affectation, discarded on urban wastelands
And picked over by the poor.
Born of …

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