Duke William Hotel

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Methodist Church

Home of the 18th Bailgate Scout Group. Spiritually supervised by the Rev Ian Brown. When the scouts come back from camp if the tents are still wet they spread them out to dry across the pews upstairs. It can get …

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Will sell you a single screw if that is all you need.

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Newport Arch

Apparently the oldest Roman arch that can still be driven under in the country.

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The Turks Head

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Electric Sub-Station

As you can just about see it is next to a Gents toilet. Never used it myself but I must go back and photograph it. The outside I mean of course! 🙂  

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When Clocks Go Back – The Non Lie-In

This clocks going back business is all very well but the artificial lie-in is just that. You lie in bed in the dark having woken up at your normal time, which is of course now an hour earlier than your

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Food For Thought – 15th January, 2006




Bran flakes with semi skimmed milk & banana



Tuna & sweetcorn sandwich on brown bread with Satsuma and pear



Fillet steak with salad – lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing, mustard


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Dear Rhod


30th November 2002.

Dear Rhod,


Happy birthday old boy.  Somehow though “Oh no five oh!” doesn’t sound as bad as “Oh no four oh!”.  Perhaps it’s because when you hit forty you are finally leaving youth behind.  Being

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Dear Eleanor


28th December 2006.


My Dear Eleanor,

Recognising that we have been invited to your 50th birthday bash cum memorial for Jim I decided to put some thought into a present that would be suitable for the occasion.

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Bottle Of Wine

It’s red, the bottle of wine. At this time, on a friday night, there isn’t much left. The book is open, face down, on the stool in front of me. A good book, but it has already served its purpose, …

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It’s beautiful sitting here in the car by the lake. There are five kayaks on the water, including Joe’s. It’s peaceful even though you can hear the traffic on the bypass.

The traffic is mostly hidden by the trees and …

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by John

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It’s autumn again, which I quite like. It isn’t cold although the family does start complaining that they need the central heating on. It’s a good excuse to light the open fire in the living room and start having proper

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A Quick Saturday Morning Tesco Run

OJ, bacon, bread, bananas,

Coco Snaps or similar,

£50 cashback for Anne

And Maltesers for Hannah to take to dancing.

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13th March 2002 – Observation of the week

Dear Mrs Davies-Todd


May I take this opportunity to observe that I find that there are many opportunities for  social comment in the maths homework that you set me.


This week (section 2 test 9 part C1) is a perfect

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10th March, 2002

Dear Mrs Davies-Todd
I note from this week’s maths homework, section two test 8c, question eleven that Mary gets paid three pence for every two pence that Tim receives.

I hope you don’t mind my asking where you got the …

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