The leaving of Lincoln

Twas wild night in shire. Blowy. Early start. Sleepless set alarm. Tea cup early. Station drop. Awaiting bacon roll. Four just walked past me to next carriage! Mine arrived. Not particularly good. Serves purpose.

Long day ahead.

Nuarque arrivée. Blameless platformed passengers bear coats. Cold. Brought my Black Yak beanie. Needless Miami. Final destination. Airport meet Joe Marion at. Few sherberts. Late for me.

Sky grows lighter. Clouds, medium grey. Shade twenty five.

Half way to London. Just leaving town. Dressed comfortably for the flight. Flight of the Trefor. Put on phones. Listen to fave tunes. Need to consider downloading some vids for flight. Rarely anything I want to watch on the in flight entertainment. Not my thang.

In my own world on the underground 

The Express train for Heathrow Airport pulls gently away from the platform and gradually picks up speed. I am alone in the compartment. Three members of staff join me en route to their shift in Terminal five.

First Class check in is a dream.

We breeze through security to the haven that is the Concorde lounge. Leisurely breakfast sets up the day.

Slept five hours on the plane. Good kip. A pot of tea before landing and 15 somewhat chaotic mins from the gate to the exit from security. None of the escalators were working occasioning large queues to get onto the stairs. Took Charles almost two hours. The difference was entirely down to Global Entry versus non Global Entry. There was only one passport booth open for ‘foreign’ arrivals whereas Global Entry had two. Hooray for Global Entry.

Picked up the v cool Mustang convertible hire car which friend Joe Marion who had met me off the plane drove to the hotel. Took us a while to figure out how the valet parking worked but we soon ended up in a bar called Cucu’s Nest just down the street. Bit noisy so moved on to the National Hotel over the road. Joe (son Joe not the one I met last night) and I are staying there a couple of nights in early February to finish off our dad and lad trip.

The pianist and chanteuse in the bar at the National were also quite noisy but we weren’t moving again. Also I was only wearing a tshirt whereas a sweater would have been totally appropriate. Not warm inside or out – air con versus January weather.

Headed on a bit of a road trip to the keys today so will dress a bit warmer. 

Huevos Rancheros breakfast beckons.

Catch ya later.

By Trefor Davies

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