Lockdown 2

Tier Cinq

They are calling it Lockdown 3 but it doesn’t really feel as if we ever left lockdown 2. Ok I got a few rounds of golf in but the pubs never reopened. I guess those in the media who shape these pseudo hysterical sentiments live mostly in London where they have been able to go about their business mostly until they recently entered Tier 4. 

Now we are all in Tier 5 together. Once common theme through all these lockdowns is the feeling that we should have entered them earlier. That is water under the bridge but it certainly shapes our opinions on the performance of our political masters regardless of the difficulty of the job to hand.

Now, sitting in isolation in the shed, it doesn’t feel inappropriate to want to wind the clock forward 3 months. That would be a massive chunk of life to wish away but it is somewhat reflective of the state of things at the moment. We should probably make more of an effort to get something out of this lockdown. It’s easier for some of us than for others. If you spent most of 2020 shut away from people it is going to have been a lot tougher a year than for some of us with a small crowd in a large house regardless of the stresses and strains of that in itself.

As part of this “effort” I have had bran flakes with blueberries and a banana for breakfast two mornings running. A good bowl of cereal is quite energising in the morning. If you have bacon in the fridge that is a big temptation but the last of that was consumed at the weekend and I have no plans to visit the butchers. In fact Anne is doing most of the shopping which will save us a fortune. It’s Lidl versus Waitrose.

It’s a sunnier day out today. Shame really as Coops and I were off to play golf. I will have to go for a walk at lunchtime to compensate otherwise I’ll be sat on my backside all day. 

Walked to the Bailgate. Crisp day with not many people about. The occasional runner. Lots of businesses closed. Just food and drink emporia and churches open. 45 mins or so including stopping to chat at  distance with a friend. Took a few pics.

Back home and tucked in to a splendid salad consisting of peas, black rice, chillies and a few other bits with a curry flavoured dressing. Had it with a fillet of smoked mackerel and some smoked salmon when the mackerel ran out.

Today we put away the Christmas decorations in the garage. Not an inconsiderable number of boxes and bags. It’s a good job it’s only once a year. I periodically have to tidy the garage shelves. I sense that time is not far off but it will wait a little longer.

By Trefor Davies

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