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Frosty out there. Wear a vest. I am basking in the warmth of the conservatory, sun streaming in through the windows. For a period of time last year the conservatory was the orangery but the miniature orange tree we had growing is now in the greenhouse and I’m not sure of it’s chances of survival. Needs watering at least.

It is the sabbath, at least in the parts of the world historically influenced by Christianity. Muslim areas of the world had it yeaterday. You know this. I think I have just discovered a perfect multi-faith concept religion. One that has 7 different sects each celebrating the sabbath on a different day of the week. In this religion you would have seven days off a week. You could be a “non believing adherent” able to take advantage of each sabbath as it suited. This is no different to the way that we all like to celebrate Christmas even though most of us aren’t practising Christians.

There are a couple of practical issues associated with this model. One is that we might never get any of the jobs done around the house and garden. The truth could equally be that they would all be done in a very timely manner. Those are actually the only issues I can think of. 

The upsides are of real interest. For example you could invite friends around for a barbecue every afternoon safe in the knowledge that the next day was not a school day. I’m sure you can think of other benefits.

Been snowing off and on this pm. In one sense it is a shame it wasn’t snowing when we were in the outdoor swimming pool in Jubilee Park last Friday. Would have given us the feeling of being real troopers, or words to that effect. I have 08.30 lane swimming slots booked at Yarborough for Monday and Tuesday so hopefully that will be the start of getting back into the swim of it, so to speak, excuse the pun.

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