winter solstice

I am reliably informed that as well as wild boar, cheese was one of the staple banqueting items of our forefathers when gathering for the winter solstice festival at Stonehenge.

This being the case and today being the winter solstice I have been out and purchased some fromage. Three different types of cheddar. I wanted a bigger Dambusters than they had so we opted for a second. Joe liked the second but I was only ok with it so we threw in one more for good measure.

Also got three different goats cheeses as the pack of two was a bit on the small size. Threw in a wodge of Old Amsterdam, some Epoisses, a nice brie de meaux and some smelly blue Spanish stuff that was very similar to Roquefort but I can’t remember its name. I think that was it. We beat a hasty retreat with two bags of the stuff, now in the fridge in the garage.

I made the bit about cheese and Stonehenge up btw but I understand that archeological evidence supports the wild boar hypothesis. You can actually picture prehistoric man gathered around the fire eating bacon and brie sandwiches. Special occasion after all. Couldhave/wouldhave/shouldhave happened. Tomorrow I’ll nip to Fosters for the meat. Will include a bit of descendent of wild boar.

Now back in the shed waiting for it to get dark so that we can get on with lighting fires and roasting game. I do have a brace of pheasant and partridge hanging in the garage courtesy of @Simon Forshaw but they won’t be ready for this evening and I am anyway planning a game pie for sometime over the festive break. I’ll take the rabbits as well thanks Si and I might chuck in some venison for good measure.

Feels a smidge early to be breaking out the mead it only being a Tuesday and despite it being the final run in to Christmas. Tomorrow we have the carol singing at the Morning Star where plenty of mead will be consumed. Not really mead. Just metaphorical mead. More likely to be Guinness with maybe the occasional dram thrown in for good measure seeing as it is Christmas.  

There will be a nice firepit on the go, reminiscent of the winter solstice at Stonehenge. Hope to see you there. All are welcome.

I’ve held the carol Singing at the Star for a few years. Some time before that there was an old guy called Norman who used to tinkle the ivories in accompaniment to us all singing. The intro for each carol was identical so you couldn’t really tell which one was coming up, other than the fact that it would have been the next one on the page. Tomorrow night the singing will be acapella.

Notwithstanding all this I have the Crusaders on in the shed playing Street Life. One of my faves and just feels right at the moment. As night begins to fall it is almost as if the Crusaders are on stage in the corner of a club banging out their stuff. Soon the lights will come on. I feel an irresistible primordial urge to celebrate the solstice…

By Trefor Davies

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