The word postponed is derived from the Latin, ‘post’ or after and ‘ponere’ which means to place. I had to look it up as I knew ‘post’ but not ‘poned’, so to speak. I did two terms of Latin at school and then dumped it. It isn’t without its uses but has dropped down the rankings in terms of subjects worth studying at school. Amo, amas amat.

Now you may ask yourself why I am discussing the word postponed and this would be a very good question. Well, perhaps not an unreasonable question. It doesn’t stand out as a particularly good example of the inquisitive genre. Reality is I have no idea. THG mentioned that something had been postponed and I just wondered where the word came from and wrote it down for later investigation. 

I defy anyone to say they had not been in the same situation themselves at some stage in their adult life. We won’t count childhood because it is normal for kids to question things. All part of the learning process. Never two late to learn 🙂

I often write things down. Usually using the pen on my phone. Quick scribble. Just things I’ve observed perhaps. 

This morning as I rose from the deepest of slumbers and moseyed onto the landing I became aware of a wonderful golden light filling the back garden. A reflection perhaps of the gold and bronze colours painted now on the beech hedge out the back. It was sufficiently striking for me to get the phone out and make a note. As the day moved on the golden glow was lost and we now just have the usual November wanlight, albeit under a blue sky.

It is Friday, you may have noticed. The morning has flown by and I am now easing into Saturday and Sunday. In the shed, obvs, for the moment.

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