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The Abandoned Sandy Shoe

The ebook is fantastic value. With 186 poems and chinks together with insights into the story behind each piece …

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Lincoln Drill Hall for a

David Starkey lecture

Excellent night at the Drill Hall to see historian David Starkey. His lecture was about how the Tudors chose their successors. Lots of plotting, getting competitors out of the loop. He drew a parallel with the Brexit

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Autumn leaves fall and are swept out of sight

Wonderful autumn

It’s definitely arrived. Outside it is mellow and damp and I have just picked some cooking apples to go with the apple and blackberry crumble we are planning for lunch. After the beef and ale pie. I need

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Yes we have no


If I had a favourite fruit it might be the banana.

I am sure that somewhere in my past the banana sandwich has played its part. It is something I should probably revisit. Buttered crusty white bread with ripe

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Sweet Home Lincoln

Joe picked me up from the station at 5.15 and we went for a swift un at the Morning Star en route. Traffic continues to be terrible downtown with all the road closures in place for the

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on way home

Missed Eurostar!!

What a morning. Pleasant leisurely breakfast (bacon roll with HP) with Dave Cargill at the Hilton and then a taxi to the train station. I was doing my usually piece to camera in front of the departures board

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Great place

Antwerp – moules frites at Elfde Gebod

Very impressed with Antwerp. Got to the hotel at 2ish and went for a stroll. There’s a big trail cycling world cup on at the weekend so a lot of the open space

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escalator by Tref

A letter to Tom, Hannah, Joe and John

Alright you lot? Just on the Eurostar zooming through the countryside Belgium bound. No idea where we are but I think still in la belle France. I’m listening, very appropriately, to Jacques …

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here I come

Sat in total silence, coach 8 seat 45, 08.55 Eurostar St Pancras to Paris. I’m wearing my Bose headphones again. They continue to impress. The beautiful thing about them is the fact that I can still hear …

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Laandan again innit

dinner with Tom and Hannah tonight

London bound again. It was foretold. No rain but pleasantly cooler autumnal conditions. I’ve taken my C2C raincoat just in case.

Sausage sandwich with a glass of milk for breakfast. I need to

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Summer’s End

sun draws curtains

Autumn has arrived. It was as if a curtain was drawn over Summer and a change in the weather imposed in very short order.

Yesterday I was sat in blazing sunshine watching John play cricket at Carholme

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The last game of cricket

of the season

Bit of a lie in this morning as I ended up with Nige in the Lincoln TapHouse and Kitchen having had dinner there with John. Got back from IoM at 7.15, changed and went straight there. Was

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2 hour delay,  oh… 

I’m okay though, just late

I can think of better things to do than sit for 90 minutes on the tarmac in seat 20D on Ezy855 non stop direct from the IoM to London Gatwick North Terminal. We missed an …

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Philip Christian Clothworker

Up early and down to see Fenella Beach and the breakwater. Went in the car but only because I don’t have any warm clothing and this is the Isle of Man we are talking about. Swung by Shoprite to purchase

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Broken light bulb
Green carpet
Life savings

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on a bed of blue floral material

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A funeral in Peel

sad but inevitable

Good morning from Peel. I am unfortunately here for the funeral of a family friend. These things happen. It’s a phase of life. Weddings, christenings, significant birthdays and then funerals. No point trying to gloss over it.

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funky shirt train shot

funky shirt r us

Life is really about funky shirts. I’m up, breakfasted on bacon sandwich, packed and ready to rock and roll down to London. Dress code is shorts, custom made funky shirt and deck shoes together with jacket

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where’s ya bin

bins – no further comment required

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. On this occasion I am not totally sure what thousand words I’d have used instead of the picture. The picture is of bins in our front drive. …

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Another hot day in prospect

ham sandwich and the living is easy

Whilst I do like the gentle change from Summer to Autumn I am also quite happy to take another week of perfect Summer weather as appears to be happening right now. This morning

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BBQ & bye bye GBBO

another scorcher and apples

First day back in the pool for a while. Hardly anyone there. The only person in my lane was the old biddy who keeps stopping to talk to people and is erratic in her choice of

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