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The Abandoned Sandy Shoe

The ebook is fantastic value. With 186 poems and chinks together with insights into the story behind each piece …

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Great GCSE party

dancing in the garden

Great end of GCSEs party last night fair play. John’s pals said it was the best house party they had been to. Plenty of dancing. The garden needs a bit of clearing up this morning but

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GCSE Results Day

party time

A good night’s kip and this morning it’s GCSE results day. Good luck to the lad. Tonight he is having a party with 50 people invited. We will be able to shift some of the burgers left over

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First day back

home at 9pm

Flight was an uneventful 25 minutes, most of which seemed to be spent manoeuvering for the landing. Liverpool is only a small airport so we were through quite quickly, the only real negative being there were no …

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Trip to IoM concludes on day 13

the end for now

Bit of drama this morning. My phone, my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge just back from the insurance claim, went into the washing machine by mistake. I can now announce that it is indeed waterproof. …

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The Port Jack Chippy Story

record breaking run

Monday morning. It’s wet again in Peel and dad and I are off to Douglas to look at mobility scooters. It’s also our last full day so we will be trying to cram in a few things.

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IoM Day 11 – Water Slide and Soap Box Derby

go Pat go

It’s a calm Sunday morning. We are having brunch today as Tom is off back to London on the 14.50 out of Ronaldsway International. I am planning to get him a taxi for 13.20 as there is

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IoM day 10 – the shoes and the bbq

man cannot live on bread alone

Saturday came and went. Dad and I nipped up to Shoprite to get supplies for the bbq. That seemed to take up most of the morning. We watched reruns of the Friday night Olympic

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Wet Friday

Rain in Peel…

The weather has broken. It is a wet and miserable day here in Peel, although miserable is purely a state of mind and in these circumstances simply a description that is traditionally used for this weather.


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A working thursday

board meeting with a view

LONAP board meeting in the breakfast room of the Waldick B&B this morning followed by lunch at the bowling club cafe next door. We do things in style innit. Much cheaper than having it in …

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The LONAP boys turn up

a good day in Peel

Down onto the prom for brekkie with Joe and John. Croissants and milk from the Coop again.  Need to pick up the railway book I bought from the 2nd hand bookshop but he is shut.

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The main party arrives 

The family cometh. Am excited. It’s been good being here with just me and dad but here comes the next, slightly noisier phase. All except Hannah who is still meandering around Italy with Sarah. She is in Pompeii today.

Slightly …

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Fantastic summer’s day

Peel swelters

Today is a fantastic summer’s day. Took my usual stroll down to the prom and Fenella Beach and thought it might be a good idea to buy  couple of croissants to have for breakfast on the prom. Unfortunately

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down at Peel promenade

Up early to upload

It’s 8.30 and I’m sat on the prom to the left of the cafe/kiosk Came down because they have free wifi with at least 25Mbps upload. Thought I’d upload the first 4 vids of the trip

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Fresh as a daisy this morning

MER trip to Laxey

Fresh as a daisy this morning. Not been out for a walk. It is a Saturday after all. I think. Just enjoyed a doze and a lie in bed listening to the wireless and catching up

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IoM Day 3 – Early Morning Walk around Peel

lunch at the Boatyard

Woke up to a nice fresh morning here in Peel. Quick shower and out for a walk for an hour or so. Usual route. Down to prom, across the harbour footbridge to Fenella Beach, around to

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More toothache and a drive around the TT course


Thursday was initially characterised with a somewhat sleepless night due to toothache. Called dad’s dentist first thing and went to see him at 12.15. Conclusion is the tooth is toast and the choice is extraction or root canal treatment.

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Some thieving bastard has stolen my bike


I needed to take the bike to the tip. The cost of repairing the gears was more than the cost of a new bike so it no longer served any useful purpose and took up valuable space in the

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A car full of rubbish

a trip to the tip

Another classic summer’s day here. Not too warm but still shorts and t shirt weather. Lovely breeze with the occasional bit of clouding over.

Been doing lots of tidying up of things this morning in

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It’s the 1 that I want

a font of useful information

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avocado avo cado av ocado

We should perhaps have a food category on this site but we don’t. Guacamole on its own is not a particularly attractive dish. It needs something to go with it. Tortilla chips certainly. Generally guac, …

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