sock it to em

My sock choice this morning was determined by which pair fell out of the wardrobe when I opened the door. Lyle and Scott bamboo in olive green I believe. Funny how the path you take in life is dictated by random events such as this. How might today’s choice of socks affect the course of the rest of my life?

Having donned said socks and completed the rest of the dressing process the phone then rang. It was one of the Belgians. This particular Belgian never remembers there is an hour’s time difference. I don’t mind innit. Reinforces my belief that everyone should operate on GMT. It will happen. It’s only a matter of time 🙂

Relatively early to the shed, certainly compared with recent days. The lawn is once more liberally dotted with leaves after the success of last weekend’s raking exercise. I will now wait until they are all down. May just blow ‘em into the borders this time. Be a lot less faff. It’s a valid gardening tactic.

It is observed that the grasses that grow tall next to my deck have been cut right back. THG at work and a sure sign that winter is on its way. Feel quite sad about that. They made an attractive contribution to the garden vista as seen from my desk. Feels as if there is a finality to it even though I know they will regrow in the spring.

No point in wishing spring was here. Let us enjoy each season as it is presented. The run up to Christmas has a lot going for it. Lots of mellow and fruitful things. Such as Christmas parties and long lunches in town. If anyone wants to invite me along to a long lunch in town feel free to drop me a line. I’ll give some thought as to my choice of socks.

Couple of pigeons pecking their way around the garden. Pesky pigeons. They presumably have a role in the ecosystem. I’m trying to psych meself up to going out on a couple of errands. I’ve finished my cup of tea. Third or fourth of the day. Not so much wind out as yesterday. You can see I’m starting to ramble. I could tidy the shed.

In fact I have just tidied the shed. Quick eh? Done some shredding, taken the rubbish out, that sort of thing. The shredding goes in the compost bin. I’d like to see any foreign spies or crooks try reconstructing that after a few weeks!

I have an hour or so to kill before the sewing shop I want to visit is open. Yes yes a sewing shop. Sewing studio and dressmakers to be more precise. I have a job it would not be fair to ask THG to do. V time consuming. You will see the output soon enough. Assuming she can do the job. Fingers crossed. It involves sewing badges/patches onto a leather garment. After that I have to drop by the printers to see if they can embroider said leather garment.

It is the first garment of its kind I have owned, nearly sixty two years into the journey. Perhaps not the last 🙂

Seems to be a clothing thread in today’s post. The same printer is doing the staff tshirts for trefbash. All about the brand innit.

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