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All is calm. The chicken has been stuffed and the parmesan parsnip prepared. Mrs Davies fach has peeled the spuds and topped and tailed the green beans and carrots. We are ready for the day.

The jammed loft ladder has been unjammed and the new semicircular shelf for the little table at the bottom of the garden has been made and fitted, the latter done before breakfast. This was quite satisfying as it involved rudimentary carpentry.

Yesterday was a productive day. We had a Beyond The Woods site visit with the Peachy production team and the marquee guy. Much was achieved. We decided to change the site layout to improve the audience experience and the outcome is looking pretty good. 

The cedar wood planter I started last year has been assembled and finished off for putting on the deck in front of the shed. I’ve sprayed it with wood treatment in situ. It’s quite handy that the deck benefits from wood treatment. When I did it on the grass last summer it killed off bits of lawn!

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By Trefor Davies

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