Luxury living

Seat 1E BA208 MIA to LHR. V comfortable. It’s the new seat. Newer than on the way out anyway. I’ll be sleeping most of the journey. Just get a few champagnes and cognac in early on. No nosh. Ate in the Flagship lounge. Burger and fries. Bit of a trek from the gate. Also flight was delayed and the gate was v warm and stuffy. Not ideal. Moreover a drip started where I was sat and I had to stand up. Sbeen a whirlwind trip. Seems a long time since we arrived in Miami. Off home for a cuddle with Anne. And a proper cup of tea. Taxiing now. There is a baby in first. Row behind me. Will need to root out earplugs. Just in case. Would anyway.

Fantastic night’s kip. Woke up with two hours to go of a seven and three quarters hours flight and went to the loo. Back to sleep again for another hour and a quarter. Perfect timing. Changed back from pyjamas to shorts and t shirt and bunged my jumper on, everything back in the bag, mug of tea and I’m ready to hit the arrivals lounge.

Skipped the arrivals lounge. Took a while for my hold bag to come through. It was carry on on the way out but I figured I could do without the weight to lug around in the airport. In consequence I gave the arrivals lounge a miss and made it to kings cross with roughly forty five minutes to spare. Charles rocked up with my new neon sign – pics later.

The train is rammed. Not sure what’s going on here.

By Trefor Davies

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