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when temperatures drop

Greying sky and temperature drop. Shop girl moves pavement display inside. Few pedestrians circulate though two cyclists skid to halt by bookies. Man carries three bags for life. I feel draught and adjust shirt under coat. Baby cries outside post office. Hands in pocket dirty road home city needs a clean. Garage sells all coal. Soups stock’s out in supermarket. A nation anticipates snow.

By Trefor Davies

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  1. A bright and sunny Saturday morning has given way to a cold grim afternoon. Temperatures are low and birds would be advised to stay put in their down lined nests. The forecast is for snow – our first real wintry weather of the season. In keeping with the forecast the 6 Nations rugby has just started. I was lucky enough to nab the last bag of coal from the garage on Burton Road though though whether I light the fire or not tonight will depend on what is on the TV. The TV room is the warmest room but has no open fireplace. I am shortly popping out to the Peacock to watch Scotland v England. Unfortunately as snow is forecast I am refraining from the drink because I will need to pick Joe up from school at 21.30 hrs in the Jeep. We can’t risk assuming Anne’s car will be ok and she won’t drive mine – something to do with it being far too big.

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