diary early one morning

Awake at five thirty

Awake at five thirty so thought I might as well get up and stick the kettle on. Windy out there this morning. That’s nature for you eh?

Yesterday I cooked a chicken on the barbecue using the rotisserie. First time I’d used it with the new granite worktop setup. The turning mechanism only just fitted but fit it did and the new outdoor electrical socket proved its worth. Roasted the bird in a piripiri rub which came out well and we now have plenty of meat left over for consumption this week. Not that I’m around all week.

One specific result from yesterday’s barbecue was that I have now worked out the right gas setting to maintain a constant one hundred and eighty degrees Centigrade which is what most meats need for spit roasting. Dunno why it took me so many years but now it is done. Means I can just set the barbecue going and walk away without having to faff about tweaking different burners. 

Using it again next Saturday as we are having a few pals round though not worked out what to cook yet. Boned leg of lamb maybs.

My brain isn’t totes in gear at oh five thirty but I guess it doesn’t really matter. Not much to think about anyway. Not much I chose to think about. I’ve been through my usual routine of checking Facebook, WhatsApp and reading the papers. They aren’t really paper anymore I know but that’s a more interesting way of putting it than saying I read the online media outlets. The BBC never was a paper anyway.

On Wednesday I’m taking the early train down to London, fifty acorns tied in a sack. No not really although I am thinking about taking in the Paul McCartney photo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery as I do have some spare time in the morning.

It’s a bit of a nuisance catching the seven thirty train as it is about half an hour too early for my body clock. I can’t rely on waking up at five thirty every morning. It’s the first direct train so much easier than changing at Newark. Problem is the next direct train is at 11.27 or similar which gets me in too late for the shindig I’m off to that afternoon.

Catching the seven thirty means leaving the house at seven which makes it too early for a decent breakfast and the measly microwaved attempt at a bacon roll you get on the train ain’t much cop. Better than nothing I suppose. I’ll be in seat E5 if you happen to be catching that train. Look me up. I always go for that seat if I can. Sitting at the same seat every time is not much use if I am trying to avoid being kidnapped I know but it is a risk I am prepared to take 🙂

I think on Wednesday I will leave my laptop at home and buy a paper to read on the train…

By Trefor Davies

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