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Just dropped the Defender off to be valeted at the hand car wash on Outer Circle Road, behind Tesco. Then strolled around the Carlton Centre running a few errands. Bit of a contradiction in terms there.

In Dunelm, whence I had been dispatched by THG to buy something for the kitchen, I noticed a couple, must have been in their sixties, who had gone there to buy two very specific things: a 20cm aluminium non-stick frying pan and a rug. She held the frying pan and he the rug. I wrote this down otherwise the moment would have been lost.

I realise that some may think these are not very important observations. We will have to agree to disagree. Everything is important.

I stopped for a coffee in a local emporium of such things and noticed an old man talking very loudly to the server. He sat outside with his walking stick and loudly apologised for his loudness telling her he was deaf. Later I could hear him at the till in Halfords as I walked past the open door of the store. He was Scottish. At first I heard the clacking of his stick and then he started to speak.

When you walk around places you notice a lot more than when driving. On the way home two white fuel tankers were just leaving the Tesco garage. Interesting that they drove around in pairs I thought.

Then a young woman strode purposefully past me on Wragby Road going in the opposite direction. She was walking quite quickly with her eyes mostly shut listening to music and puffing away on a vape. I wasn’t quite sure whether it was the effect of the vape that made her close her eyes or the emotional intensity of the music. Maybe both. It felt that her vaping was at odds with her healthy pace.

I’m picking the car up at 3pm. I shall be walking purposefully and may not stop to record any observations 🙂

Now back in the shed contemplating the day ahead. Apple has offered me a system upgrade for the Mac Mini. This I will accept but only when I’ve finished in the shed and get cracking with some of the day’s planned activities as the machine will be unusable for an unspecified amount of time.

Most activity will involve finishing packing for our trip but I do have some sealant to apply in the bathroom and shower room. A job I’ve been putting off for some time but feel that the 6 months SLA is getting close.

One task I do have to complete is to repack the tent. I didn’t do it properly after its last use as the poles were still wet. I like my tent. Every man should have a tent. Tents are not for sharing, after you pass a certain age. As a youth a three man tent would have held three people. Nowadays a three man tent is just the right size for me. I’ll have to see if the grass is dry this afternoon otherwise I’ll do it in the shed. There is space enough.

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