chafer buggers

I read the news today, oh boy. No I didn’t. I’m trying to avoid it although it isn’t always easy when your chosen life partner likes to listen to the political shitshows.

The lawn is becoming a bit of a mess, at least near the house. The birds dig it up looking for chafer bugs. I guess I don’t really mind if they get them all. I need to keep watering in the nematodes anyway. Didn’t have to the last couple of days as it has been chucking it down. 

Hopefully it will rain a lot when we are away next week. You are supposed to water the lawn for two weeks after applying the nematodes but it will only have been 11 days. Won’t matter I guess.

I have timed entrance tickets for the Uffizi on Wednesday. It’s a whole day visit apaz. Not far from our pied a terre in the centre of town so just a gentle stroll after breakfast. See how we get on. There is only so much standing around looking at art a fellow can take. I assume they have a caff so that we can take a tea break.

The last gallery we went to was MoMA in NYC. It was stunningly good. They had a posh caff there where we managed to blow fifty quid on a beef sandwich and some other light lunchtime snack. Expensivo NYC. MoMA is actually a place where if I lived in town I’d become a member. Very high quality. I expect the same of the Uffizi but in a different genre, obvs.

By Trefor Davies

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