death on the golf course

Ankles bitten to death on the golf course yesterday evening. That hasn’t happened before. Either it’s because of all the rain we’ve had or perhaps I haven’t worn trainer liners before when playing golf. Will have to get the Avon Skin So Soft going next time. Anyway a good time was had by all and we ended up in the Frenny (Friendship Inn) for the traditional pie and chips. I lost a quid. Not too bad. I took the money last time 🙂

I’m supposed to be emptying the trailer today in anticipation of Will picking it up this evening but the weather forecast ain’t good. Gotta be done. It’s full of old camping rubbish that mostly needs taking to the tip anyway. The garden is looking very lush with all the rain of the past few days. A far cry from the perfect weather of last week and the weekend.

THG has brought me a pot of tea as she sets off on her rounds of the estate. Checking up on the plants yanow. It looks as if we will be in for a bumper apple crop this year. Last year’s was not particularly good, especially the cooking apples but this year they were later flowering and are looking good. On the other hand it looks as if we may only have six apricots. That tree was an early blossom job.

I’m told we have one dead slug next to the beer trap behind the raised beds. It is a start. It died happy. Need to get a supply of cheap lager in as the stuff I put in has now been heavily diluted in the rain. We do have a load Strongbow cider in the garage fridge (orrible stuff left over from various parties) but I’m not so sure that cider works against slugs and snails. Will give it a go. Cyberdoyle advised that I need to bury the containers down to ground level which I will do.

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