glorious morning

Another glorious morning on the Isle. Not a cloud in the sky. All is calm. I am packed and will shortly venture out to the bookshop in Michael Street. Probs pick up some milk en route back an’ all. Swing by Fenella Beach one last time on this trip.

Breakfast was toast made with a fine Noa Bakehouse sourdough. Sourdough’s real purpose in life is toast. Slathered with butter and spread thickly with Bonne Maman orange marmalade. Cup of tea.

My bag has all the clothes I bought with me. Everything just fits nicely. Not everyone in the travelling party is in the same boat, so to speak. We are on the same steam packet this pm but THG made some purchayses during her stay that mean the zip on the already tightly packed duffel bag will no longer close. Well…

Everyone on the Isle of Man calls the ferry the boat and the ferry terminal is the sea terminal. Ordinarily we arrive an hour or so before sailing and sit in a queue of cars awaiting boarding. 

As foot passengers we will arrive at the terminal building quite early this afternoon for check in as we are meeting Richard and Wendy for a spot of lunch at Noa Bakehouse which you may know  is just over the road. Hopefully the good staff of iomspco will let us on earlyish as it will be far nicer to sit in the comfort of the Premium Lounge onboard than slumming it in the departure area. Free drinks etc.

Farewell Elan Vannin. We shall return. We leave you with the sea as smooth as the proverbial millpond and the sun shining benevolently upon the good people of Man.

The lounge is a little warm. The deck windswept but not cold. Not a safe place for a hat which was been removed for preservation.

Out on deck the English coast is clearly visible on the port side and similarly the mountains of Wales can be seen across the starboard bow. When I were a lad working the Manx Electric Railway you would often be able to clearly see Winscale Nucelar Power Station on the run between Laxey and Ramsey. They changed the name to Sellafield decades ago because of the poor safety reputation associated with Winscale. Still Winscale to me.

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