gorgeous frosty morning

A gorgeous frosty morning out there with clear skies. I would appear to be over the jet lag and the stomach upset I had yesterday has gone. I heavily suspect the overcooked bangers and mash at the Wig and Mitre consumed at the scouts annual leaders’ night out on Friday. The sausages were tough suggesting they had been cooking for a long time and potentially even reheated which might account for the lurgy.

Today will see a flurry of packing in readiness for my next bout of jet lag. You will no doubt hear more of this. The use of the word flurry is somewhat inaccurate as I like to take my time over packing for long trips. On this occasion I am leaving at 7am on Tuesday so a relaxed approach to filling the suitcase is in prospect. 

A two week trip merits taking a suitcase. For last week’s jaunt to Florida I only had carry-on luggage which facilitated a quick getaway from the airport on arrival. For the return leg I opted to check in one of the bags which proved costly in time at the other end. No matter.

The house is noisy this morning. Sounds of an electric toothbrush mingle with BBC Radio 4 upstairs and contrast with the Hovis advert on Classic FM. The music isn’t called ‘the Hovis advert’ but I don’t know the actual name of the tune and can’t be bothered to find out either by googling or getting up off my arse to look at the radio display.

The day has offered a relaxed start. There are locally sourced breakfast ingredients in the refrigerator and food preparation will commence in due course. 

All arrangements are in place for the next trip. I just need to sort ground transportation from Cancun airport to Playa Del Carmen but there is no urgency and it may just be a matter of grabbing a cab. This will be the last international journey for a while, the next one being a weekend visit to Llandudno for the final of the Welsh Open Snooker Championships. Cool or what? 🙂

There are a few jobs, apart from packing, that are required (by command from a higher authority) to be done. We have two overflow bins for recycling that need their contents moving to the brown recycling bins for onward dispersal. I also need to go to the tip (municipal recycling centre) with a load of plastic stuff that has been hanging around the front for some time. Should also drop the drain rods back at Simon’s. So you see it isn’t all about glamorous international travel.

Reality is I am trying to cut down on travel although I know it doesn’t look like that 🙂 My, admittedly part time, work gets me around on occasion and we still have some planned big trips, not the least of which is 5 weeks in France for the Rugby World Cup from the start of September. The most exciting bit of that trip is not actually knowing when I’ll be heading back across the channel. Open ended jaunt. Why not?

Jobs all done. Fire lit and crackling away in the grate. Quite appropriate for a cold winter’s day. I am wearing a warm and cosy woolly pully. It feels as if I should have a cup of hot chocolate to hand but this is not the case.

By Trefor Davies

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