movin on

Toulouse was great. Now we move on to Carcassonne. It will be interesting to compare activity levels. How many rugby followers will be in town. No games for a few days.

We move on somewhat exhausted at the full on nature of the weekend. Unlikely to be a totally relaxing week with a different hotel and town every night. Our objective is to arrive in Nice for Friday where we will be staying put for a week.

Afore we go I have to nip out for the usual bread run and I am currently say outside on the deck being able now to identify some of the visible sights, having been to see them. Notable are Couvent des Jacobins and the Basilica. The latter is a classic mediaeval cathedral the building of which was begun in 1080AD (almost went for CE there to be playful) on the site of a fifth century church. The first bishop of Toulouse, Saturnin, was martyred in 250AD so there is considerable history associated with the place.

Our biggest unknown for today is how quickly we can bag an Uber as you may recall the car is parked at the airport Hilton. See how it goes.

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