early one morning

oh five forty

By oh five forty this morning the dawn chorus was already in full voice. A pale white glow rose from the east blending with the pastel blue above. An artist had drawn a restless  treetop silhouette on the backdrop. After yesterday’s storm we are in for a bright sunny morning.

We currently have two campervans sat in our front drive. Back from trips. They are heading down to the depot this morning. Taking up too much space. Bit of a shuttle job with the Head Gardener following in her car to give me a lift back home. No more hires now until the start of May. It is still early in the season and tbh we don’t want to turn it into a full time activity.

Next weekend is the Lincoln 10k and we will have a houseful of sportsmen and women up for the occasion. The runners will need feeding and one of them will be celebrating a big birthday so a tasty meal in prospect for the Sunday night. Steak pie and chips has been requested. They will all have big appetites after the race.

I say race but I doubt we have any contenders. This is all about participation. Mother and daughter will be running together. Brings a smile to my face. I’ll be the only one in the house not running. Norrapnin. In all we have five runners staying.

The last time it was run there was a deluge of biblical proportions. Quite apt on a Sunday. Sister Sue and I took shelter in the Lincoln Hotel and enjoyed coffee and croissants whilst we waited for the ladies to finish their course. 

Over the weekend I discovered the delights of the bar and coffee shop at the Eastgate Tennis Club and may hang out there although I suspect it will be too early for a beer. When the race is run praps.The runners will want rehydrating.

I’ve never been a runner, even when I was superfit and playing rugby. I would typically do 5km once a week to supplement the training and once ran a 10km loop across both Menai Bridges. Only saw the no pedestrian signs once I was on the Brittania bridge and wasn’t about to turn back then. Going back a bit now. Over forty years!!

By Trefor Davies

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