Lockdown 2

the end?

Is this the end of lockdown 2? It might be although the pubs won’t be open for another couple of weeks. The death rate continues to drop. Only 19 were reported yesterday. Golf courses and outdoor swimming pools are reopening. I’m playing golf tomorrow and we are looking at booking a slot in the Jubilee Park pool in Woodhall Spa. Will be pretty cold mind you brr.

In truth this is only a partial end and I will need to decide whether the posts I put up remain under the lockdown 2 category. See how it goes innit. It’s not a biggie anyway is it 🙂

Sat at my desk in the shed in a bit of a zone. Have fired off a couple of WhatsApp messages to get the day going and now pondering when to pour the tea. Important things in life. Anne is out surveying her garden empire. Staying on top of things. All is well.

It’s a good drying day. Prevailing Souwesterly Gale Force 5 according to the Meteorological Office. They don’t actually say Gale Force 5. I had to look that one up. It’s 19mph, apaz. If you  were out on the open sea you would be having to constantly watch the sails I reckon. Not that I am an expert although I have been on a yacht a few times.

Some tedious admin out of the way and the sun has now begun to shine on our small plot of land. Pondering a plan for the day. Was supposed to be going to Newark to pick up some paving slabs but the donor has gone quiet on us. Suspect someone else has come along and whipped ‘em. In the end we bought 16 slabs at £2 each from someone called Billy who delivered them for a fiver. Result. That’s my bank holiday weekend sorted.

Turned out a beeeooootiful afternoon.

By Trefor Davies

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