was awake when the milkman came

I was awake when the milkman came at four twenty seven. Soon dropped off again but was roused by the dawn chorus half an hour later. Opened a front window to identify the choir: blackbird, wood pigeon, wren, sparrow, crow and robin. Am thinking I might nip into the allotments behind our house this morning to record the diversity of birdlife that must frequent the place (later I did and added goldfinch to the record).

Will need to cancel Friday’s milk delivery as we have loads in the fridge. We go from famine to feast when it comes to milk. Depends if there is bacon or sausage involved for breakfast. I like a glass of milk with my bacon sarnie. This uses up a pint quite quickly otherwise it’s just consumed in tea.

There is news. I’ve been after planting a wildflower meadow at the shed end of the garden and a pond. Well THG has permitted a 1m wide strip of flowers and I’ve dug in a dustbin lid to serve as a pond. Twill be enough. Not sure it will attract frogs but it might be a place for hedgehogs to come and have a refreshing drink. Mind you the water is currently very muddy brown. I’m sure it will settle. Probs.

Bought the floral mix from the National Trust last year: yarrow, pheasant’s eye, red army, shrubby hare’s ear, pot marigold, china aster, safflower, cornflower, chrysanthemum, cosmos, dragon’s head, california poppy, gypsophila, basil, candy tuft, heavenly blue, stocks, 4 o’clock lily, common poppy, soapwort, catchflies, dill, borage, coriander & buckwheat. If that lot all come up it will be a real result. 

How about that eh? The bees and butterflies will think they’ve gone to heaven.

Also dug up the raised beds in preparation for pea planting but figured I’d leave the planting itself until tomorrow afternoon as I’ll need to put some netting up and can’t be arsed at the mo.

And mowed the lawn! This is more gardening than I’ve ever done! Almost.

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